Saturday, March 9, 2013

Emergency Rescue Center - Lake Onega

Seated on the Southeastern shore of Lake Onega, the Emergency Rescue Center and Training Station proved to be a spectacle separate from the other sights of Russia. All the facilities were in very good condition and were being run efficiently, much more so than any other building I have seen yet during this trip. What could best be described as a combination of Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, and the DNR, the station serves a whole host of purposes related to responding to emergencies on Lake Onega and the surrounding areas. The size and posterity of the center displays the funding power of the government, which gave no shortage of equipment, vehicles, facilities at the station's disposal.

The vehicles in the center particularly interested me. I have seen cars and boats used for emergency purposes before, but the range of vehicles I saw there very much impressed me. They had to be specially equipped to handle the harsh conditions of the area, so we saw cars with enormous tires and amphibious, roving vehicles (like the orange one below, called the Elk). There seems to be nothing these monsters can't handle, and maybe even overkill for the actual needs of the area. At any rate, the station possesses all the machinery and man-power necessary to take care of any emergency situations in the area, and I would have liked to see these vehicles in action, saving people who have fallen through the ice or responding to other possible disasters.

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