Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video: The Drive from Petersburg to Vytegra

The contradictory elements of St. Petersburg were forgotten on the drive to Vytegra. As compared to America, the drive revealed a more swift and abrupt shift from the urban sprawl to rural setting. The scenery was homogenous--there were fields of snow and forests of white with occasional, modest houses in between. After leaving the urban sprawl, we drove on one long, straight road--it looked as if there were nothing around for miles. In a sense, it reminded me of America’s West. Driving endlessly through Arizona’s desert highway draws parallel to yesterday’s snow-bordered linear route. We drove past a most pleasant park, where scattered persons were seen enjoying their stroll through the nature. I remember being so surprised at seeing a bus stop much further down the road with a handful of people at/ nearby it! The landscape was so dominant that the sight of people came as an sudden reminder of the Heartland's human element.

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