Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vytegra Has Guests by Vera Terekhova
Translated by Kristina Pingston

On February 26th, for the third time, a group of students from the University of Michigan in the U.S. came to our district, headed by their leader and instructor at their institution, Alina Makin.

The foreign guests come here for Alternative Spring Break as part of the project "RUSLAN". The coordinator of their visit to the town is the honorable citizen of Vytegra, Tamara Makarova.

On February 27th, the American students acquainted themselves with the Russian heartland by going on an excursion to the district's local history museum and meeting with the town's administration. It is necessary to say that they had prepared for meeting our country, having obtained vital knowledge of it.  In the period of practically a week, the young people will participate in volunteer work. For example, in the museum they will do video work on the museum's establishment, one of the best in the province, digitize its recordings and photographs of its exhibits, and translate material on the history of our region into the English language. After that, they will put all of this information on the museum's website. They will also participate in volunteer work in Vytegra schools №1 and №2, and the school in Andoma. In addition to this, many interesting meetings and activities await them here.

Our guests' trip to Vytegra will end on March 3rd. They will be discussed in more detail in one of the issues of "The Red Flag".

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