Saturday, February 27, 2010

Connor - Day 1

Flying to St. Petersburg was a breeze. I walked to the MLB at U of M, Bryn’s-boyfriend’s-Mom drove us to the airport, and we flew directly from Detroit to Germany to Russia. We flew Lufthansa, a German airline, and it was great. The plane left right on time, we had three meals between the two flights, and I was able to sleep overnight to wake up on German time. Browsing the in-flight magazine was a great chance to appreciate innovative German design (e.g. a wristwatch that displays binary code). The business–class seats were unlike any I had seen before – they fully recline without invading the rear passenger’s space.

Arriving in Frankfurt, I was immediately struck by the pleasant climate – a mere 40 degrees. Although we had a 4-hour layover, we didn’t venture out of the airport. I was able to check my e-mail, as Joanna was nice enough to pay the hefty price for Wi-Fi.

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