Monday, March 1, 2010

day 3- ten hour trip

Day 3

Trip to Vytegra: long trip- 12 hours

We stopped at a very beautiful monastery on the way, which helped to break up the trip. This stop was great, because we got the opportunity to see what a real Russian church looks like in the Russian style, rather than the European style of the cathedral we saw in St. Petersburg. There was a big difference between the two alters and the way the two were set up! And we also got blessed sand, so all in all it was a very good stop. It was very late when we made it into town, but I was very impressed with the hotel when we got here! Danielle and I actually have outlets in our room and a mirror! The rooms are clean and have two beds, bathrooms, closets, tvs, desks, and storage (everyone else has a fridge, but somehow we missed out on that one, ha). It's much more than I was expecting; pleasant surprise :)

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