Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday with the babushki

Our babushka in the village of Zamosh'e who prepared quite a feast for us, including blini, the best fresh pickles, and tea from a samovar.

I've had long day…so keep that in mind. I'm attempting to digitally archive yet another interview that is mostly static but also a Russian woman singing her interview - a very common approach to interviewing, apparently. The hotel toilet is running, and Bryn is attempting to sleep with me typing, the toilet running, and archival electronic equipment whirring. She is brave. She has also had a long day. I missed most of the vyecherinka that happened tonight at the Bistro, including the $50 check. Word to the wise - while in the motherland.

Just had a mostly one-way gmail chat with Leanna, who is busy amidst the protests at UCLA. It's a crazy world out there - protests over public education and a world away…a crazy babushka and her friends who share their village, their lives, and food and culture with us Americans, wondering if we still view them, the Russians, as enemies.

Our definitive answer was no. No one would be enemies if they experienced the amazingly gracious hospitality that we were so lucky to receive.

RUSLAN's next project...

historic preservation?

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