Monday, March 8, 2010

Videos from Rus

In many cases, the snow removers had to use bulky equipment, like this bulldozer. Difficult to use a machine that isn't meant for the job specifically.

Outside the historic Art Museum in St. Pete. Video was taken from the walkway leading to the frozen Neva river.

Video taken at a famous pedestrian walkway late at night in St. Pete. The walkway was the best cleared area during the whole trip to Rus.

Provincial Russia was a winter wonderland. Here, our group is visiting the birthplace of influential poet N. Klyuev.

Couldn't help but take a video of this tractor. It kept moving back and forth outside a historic building we visited. Only a towel covered the engine.

We couldn't take the bus over this small log-bridge, so we moved into an old VW truck. If any of us were scared, the driver told us to close our eyes.


  1. Great footage, Pat! I loved those village dogs chasing the tractor -- precious!

  2. Thanks for posting the videos, Pat. I really liked the one of the snow removal machine with the arms grabbing the snow and sending it up the chute into the dump truck.