Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last year I went on the ASB service learning trip with Ruslan to Saint Petersburg and Vytegra, and this year I was lucky enough to return.  Returning to Russia is just about as amazing as being here for the first time.  I was overwhelmed being in this city again.  There were many things that surprised me being in Saint Petersburg the first time: the European beauty of the city, the cold Russian pedestrian fa├žade, the striking soviet Leningrad architecture etc.  But ultimately I was most surprised that I was so overwhelmed by the exact same things again; being in a City like Saint Petersburg is an extremely surreal experience; it is so unique in this city because of its European style, its contrasts, its power, and its art.  And all of these things are visible by simply walking through the city; Saint Petersburg’s atmosphere is apparent through architecture (among other things). 

Last year I took photos on black and white film, however it took me a long time to get them processed and edited.  I think because we went to some of the same places it would be appropriate to post them now.  


  1. Great pictures, Isabelle! Thank you for working on them and posting them this year. They are real art pieces.

  2. These images stand on their own as beautiful works of art. In addition they give the viewer an intense connection to the locations where they were shot. We rely so much on the vision of others when looking a places we have never been, thank you for transporting us to Russia through your powerful images.