Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There is a reason it's called the House of Culture

Interacting with the local high schoolers in the classrooms has rewarding, challenging, inspiring, and constructive, but sometimes you just need to have a dance-off. It's human nature. The youth organization in Vytegra organized an event at which the following occurred:

Some compelling footage, no? We have definitely left our mark on this town – as these Russian teenagers have left deep impressions on us. Two of the most frequent words heard lately – "talented" and "well-rounded." From dancing to drawing, from speaking English to crafts, these locals have demonstrated almost effortless proficiency.
In the United States, we heard a lot about individualism. We pass the word around frequently, but my interactions with Vytegrans have been a truly dramatic example of people with skills and passions, people ready to offer and flaunt their talents. On the first day, we were treated to a traditional Russian dance – and then a tango; to a rendition of ДДТ's "Осень" – and then two girls' original compositions. The variety of interests and dedication these students have to their studies and hobbies affirms that while the road from Saint Petersburg to Vytegra may not paved, it leads to somewhere unique and enthralling.


  1. I enjoyed this post, thanks! Hopefully, with the technological advances in telecommunications and alternative energies, some of these students will be able to better share (and profit from?) their talents in the not-too-distant future with, perhaps, from help by students like you! Best wishes!

  2. I think this video best sums up our trip. It shows how talented the youth is in Vytegra along with our awkward moments in trying to assimilate into the culture, but most of all how much fun we are all having here!