Friday, March 8, 2013

Food in Russia

One of the many consistently good things about this trip to Russia has been the food.  Right at the beginning of the trip, Sergei had warned me that due to the lack of spices in Russian cuisine, the food would be bland.  And although it was true that spices were few and far between with the dishes we ate, it was hardly a detriment to taste as taste has been fantastic with practically every dish we have tried.

Russian meals are always served in courses, usually starting with a salad.  The salads have very little lettuce, with cabbage, peppers and other various vegetables making up most of the dish.  They usually looked like this:

After that is typically a hot soup, normally with sour cream added.  Solyanka was one soup we tried, and is pictured below.

File:Soljanka with olives.jpg

And it is incredibly delicious!

Finally, the main course usually consists of a dish with chicken, covered in cheese or over rice.  Like was previously said, spices are not common in Russian cuisine, so what I have discovered is that fatty foods are used to create taste.  It works fantastically and is always a great meal.  And the coffee that we end with is either sweet and frothy or bold and delicious.  The food here is great and I will definitely miss it when I return home.

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