Friday, March 8, 2013

Never Enough Gifts

           Before we left for Russia, we were warned by the professors that we should bring a bag filled with little goodies to hand out to any one that you encountered throughout the trip. I had no idea how much would be enough so I just bought little trinkets for the elementary students that we would be teaching. This was not enough. There were so many students that we met throughout the three schools that we visited and throughout the community that I did not have enough gifts to give them. There is a terrible feeling that one develops throughout the trip because they will shower you with little gifts but you do not have anything in return to give to them.  I think as a warning to future ASB participants, MORE IS BETTER. Trust me when I say that you need to bring more gifts than you can imagine.

Below is a picture of an elementary student with which I developed a close relationship. The day after I made a presentation in her class, she returned to school with a photo album that was Disney related. This was significant because I included Disney in my presentation the previous day and she wanted to demonstrate to me that she did not forget this. I will always remember her and cherish the bond that we created.

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