Saturday, March 9, 2013

My New Russian Friends

Last night was our last night in Vytegra. We had a beautifully put together farewell dinner and afterwards we met up with our Russian friends we had met at the different schools. For around a half hour, we didn't even leave the Cafe where they had met us. Instead, we stood around laughing, talking, and taking turns singing songs from our cultures. Then, we walked around town and there was Russian being spoken and English being spoken and we were really hitting our grove with communication. The goodbye I had to say to my new friends was one of the saddest, yet best, farewells I have ever experienced. We group hugged, individually hugged, sung songs, and it took us around an hour to fully say goodbye. Though we only knew each other three days, that couple of hours was some of the warmest I have ever experienced. It was a beautiful way to end our trip and I have absolutely no doubts that we will not lose touch with our new Russian friends. I know that I have made friends for life!

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