Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the Road Home

Here I am again on an empty Russian road, this time leaving a town that welcomed me with open arms. I’m sorting through a lot of feelings, good and bad. I’m sad to be leaving Vytegra but I’m glad that I made enough of a connection to the people there to feel so sad to leave them. I wonder what will become of the town as its population continues to decline. My new Russian friends tell me that they will be leaving Vytegra to study in St. Petersburg. I hope that they will be well in all that they do, and I know that they will because they are such good people and that’s what good people deserve. If our paths could cross again someday, I would think myself incredibly lucky. Finding friends here is exactly the motivation I needed to return for a study abroad program in St. Petersburg before I begin law school. It would be good to see friendly faces in a strange city and to know that I have someone there for me if I need them. And knowing these guys, they would have my back in a heartbeat.

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