Friday, March 8, 2013

Yesterday we had the most authentic Russian experience! We went to the surrounding villages and visited the middle school, and I have to say that I’ve never before seen such wonderful hospitality. We were given gifts throughout the day by almost everyone who met us, and all of the children were very interested in us. The school provided us with an excellent lunch and then a tea/dessert session, which was absolutely delicious. I had heard that Russians like to keep their guests well-fed, but I never dreamed that I would ever see so much food in one day. After we left the school we visited a small village home, but not before taking a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh around the Russian village. It was unbelievable! Our hosts really took care of us there. We were given tea from a Russian samovar and we ate a ton of homemade pastries and bliny, a dessert similar to crepes. It was so humbling being welcomed into their home and treated so well. Russian hospitality is truly something to be experienced!

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